Draft Beer

photo: 16 Local Draft Beers on Tap, Altabira City Tavern


Our Beer Philosophy

The draft beers that we serve at Altabira are primarily chosen from local, small scale producers. Each brew master has demonstrated a personal style that challenges and delights the palate while complimenting our dishes. You can taste their craftsmanship in each glass.

Worthy Brewing Easy Day Kolsch – German Style Ale
Bend, OR | 64.5% ABV | 25 IBUs | 16 oz     5
A light, crisp beer you can drink. The perfect beer for exploring the biological wonder of adult-style hydration.

Victory Brewing Company—Kirsch Gose
Downingtown, PA | 4.7% | 16 oz     7
Aromas of fresh sour cherries along with tart cherry flavors—all with crisp carbonation and light body.

pFriem Family Brewers – Pilsner
Hood River, OR | 4.9% | 38 IBUs | 16 oz     5
pFriem Pilsner has the aroma of fresh grass and flowers and honey – crisp, snappy, floral hops with a touch of lemon zest.

Arch Rock Brewing Company—Gold Beach Lager
Gold Beach, OR | 5.0% | 16 oz     7
This beer is an unfiltered German style lager, also known as “zwickel bier.” It is smooth, crisp and refreshing which is a product of the longer, cooler fermentation. Made with German Hallertau hops, which give its distinct flavor and hints of citrus.

Double Mountain Brewery – Dry-Hopped Pale Ale
Hood River, OR | 6.0% | 55 IBUs | 16 oz     5
A golden-hued pale ale that features a beautifully hoppy
 aroma and a flavor-appetizingly dry, clean and pure taste.

The Commons Brewery – Urban Farmhouse Ale
Portland, OR | 5.3% | 32 IBUs | 16 oz     6
A floral nose and a soft underlying hop bitterness with a crisp finish.

Oakshire Brewing – Amber Ale
Eugene, OR | 5.4% | 35 IBUs | 16 oz     5
A clean and malty aroma with a whiff of citrus. Biscuit and caramel flavors dominate but are kept in check with light citrus and sometimes grassy top notes.

Two Kilts Brewing Company – Scottish Ale
Sherwood, OR | 6.5% | 15 IBUs | 16 oz     6
Rich and medium-bodied with amber hues and note of caramel and toffee. Lightly-hopped with a malty-sweet aroma, subtly smoky undertones highlight the finish.

Ninkasi Brewing Company – Believer Double Red Ale
Eugene, OR | 6.9% ABV | 60 IBUs | 16 oz     7
Believer balances a rich malt complexity with a plentiful hop presence. Notes of caramel, toffy, fig, and date ease into earthy and floral hops, make it incredibly drinkable and full-flavored.

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company – Zoiglator-Doppelbock
Portland, OR | 7.9% | 23 IBUs | 16 oz     6
This Doppelbock has a deep, rich malt flavor, which shows off the Munich and Pilsner malts use in the brewing process. Perfect for this season.

Sunriver Brewing Company – Vicious Mosquito IPA
Bend, OR | 7% | 70 IBUs | 16 oz     5
Really a magnificent beer. Simcoe hops in your face, with a creamy finish—bitter, piney, citrusy, balanced. Perfect.

Pints Brewing – Seismic IPA
Portland, OR | 6.2% | 75 IBUs | 16 oz     7
Fruity, orange—citrus, aroma that leaps out of the glass. Drinking a pint of Seismic IPA will make whomever you’re with
infinitely more interesting..

Feckin Irish Brewing Company Irish Oatmeal Porter – Nitro 
Oregon City, OR | 5.8% ABV | 32 IBUs | 16 oz     6
Feckin uses pounds of Bob’s Red Mill Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal to round out this great tasting porter. A perfect beer and food match. It’s almost breakfast!

Draft Cider

Bull Run Cider – Bramble Berry – GF
Forest Grove, OR | 6.8% | 12 oz     7
Bull Run Cider’s Bramble Berry is made with a selection of summer ripening apples, infused with a blend of locally grown Marion, Black and Boysenberries. The result is a cider rich in color and full of berry flavor and aroma. .

Portland Cider Company – Kinda Dry Apple Cider – GF
Clackamas, OR | 6.5% | 12 oz     6
Blended in the spirit of a traditional English cider – dry, lightly carbonated, with very subtle apple flavors, and a lingering fresh finish. Portland Cider Company uses fresh pressed juice from a blend of NW grown culinary apples such as Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Gala, and Golden Delicious.

Tasting Flight

Ask your server for a tasting mat and write-in any 4 of our
draft offerings.     9